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Lim Festival

Lim Festival
By Bac Ninh Local Guide

The Lim Festival, Bac Ninh takes place on the 13th day of the first lunar month in Lim Village which is 18 Kms from Hanoi. This is the most well-known of the festivals in Vietnam when the famous folk song Quan Ho is performed. The legend says that a woman of Noi Due hamlet in Vietnam named Ba Mu, who attained enlightenment after becoming a Buddhist monk at the Lim Pagoda, had ended a drought in the village on the request of the villagers. Henceforth the people of the village, now Lim Village worshipped her as their protector and took the date of her enlightenment as the date of the Lim Festival.

Lim Festival is one of the leading Vietnam festivals and events. It is also the leading Quan Ho festival in Vietnam with famous villages in Quan Ho song taking part in it along with thousands of other visitors. Quan Ho is a dialogue performance between male singers (lien anh) and female singers (lien chi). There are strict rules for this dialogue performance and the singers must not only be quick witted but also should have strong grasp of traditional tunes and history and culture of these songs.

Lim Festival is also a time for weaving competition for the Noi Due girls and traditional temple games such as swinging, human chess, wrestling and more. Besides, Lim Festival also goes through rituals of procession to the worshipping ceremony and worshipping. However Quang Ho remains the prominent feature of Lim Festival.

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Quan Ho - special folk song in Bac Ninh

Quan Ho - special folk song in Bac Ninh

"Quan Ho" is a special folk song of Kinh Bac Province, now called Bac Ninh Province. Lim is the simple name of Lung Giang Commune of Tien Son District in Bac Ninh Province. The village is located 18 km from Hanoi....

Features of Lim Festival

Features of Lim Festival

Lim Festival in Bac Ninh celebrates northern Vietnam's beloved quan ho folk songs and the founder of these songs, Hieu Trung Hau. Practicing a traditional dramatic art form that dates back several centuries,...

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